More than a thusand 5-Star Reviews! The historic Children’s Aquarium Dallas has been reimagined for the future Located on the grounds of Fair Park, the beloved aquarium debuted in 1936 for the Texas Centennial and has delighted generations of Texas families and visitors. 


But this isn’t your grandfather’s aquarium anymore, with a new focus on high-tech, high-touch and hands-wet activities for the creative kids of today. The first new activity visitors will notice is the Children’s Aquarium Dallas Mining Company on the front lawn. A water tower and sluice create a mining experience for guests who can pan for a variety of gemstones and fossils. 


At the Aquarium entrance, a giant Octopus, perfect for pictures, welcomes visitors to the fun. Inside, families will see animals and environments that have not been exhibited at the Children’s Aquarium Dallas before. The number of fish under the Aquarium’s care has doubled to more than 15,000. 


Throughout your visit, the Aquarium's Guest Experience Associates will be on hand to show ambassador animals, engage with visitors and answer questions. 


What's New?

Doctor Fish
Get your hands wet! This new exhibit is located in the entrance lobby. These small Red Garra fish will nibble on the skin cells on guests’ hands. It’s like a little manicure! The fish are native to Southeast Asia. 
These beautiful and fast-swimming fish are seldom exhibited in Aquariums. Look for the beautiful green and aquamarine coloring and their ray fins as they dash around their habitat in Stingray Bay.  Also known as Dorado or common dolphinfish, they are the fastest growing fish in the ocean.  They are found in temperate, tropical and subtropical waters around the world.
Weedy Sea Dragons
Some wags call these animals "Seahorses with flair!" Look for their leaf-like appendages, designed by nature to help them hide among kelp vegetation. Related to the seahorse, these fascinating fish are found only in the waters of Southern Australia.
The Fish Draw
A virtual ocean habitat has been created inside the aquarium. Kids can color and name their own fish, scan it, release it into the environment and watch it swim.
Local artists have created colorful sea life murals around the aquarium to highlight many of the animals featured in the habitats.
Archer Fish
These little guys are at the center of the Aquarium lobby. In their natural habitat, they spit water to knock their food out of the sky and into the water for a delicious meal. Here at the Aquarium, guests will help feed them by holding food over the habitat. Watch for the water streams. You might get wet!
Swell Sharks
These sharks appear to glow green in the dark via their natural bioluminescence. They are called Swell Sharks because of an ability to grow to twice their normal size by swallowing water as a way to evade predators. They are found in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
Bonnethead Sharks
These fascinating sharks have joined the exhibits at the Aquarium. Bonnetheads look like a small Hammerhead shark. They are found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The average Bonnethead will grow to between two and three feet in length.